This trip is more than just your average sightseeing tour of locations within the United States.  Each of these days will be an opportunity to advance your language skills, develop personal beliefs and build friendships.  These friendships will not only be with the other students and leaders from China, but with the American teenagers and college students you meet in a variety of settings and experiences.  Education and life skills will be the focus but all this will be done with Young Life’s unique method of humor, life adventures and practical interactive learning.  Along the way participants will meet and interact with key individuals from top universities and leaders in the world of international business.  The tours of universities will not just be a sightseeing trip to each university campus, but a hands on personalized experience, designed for a Chinese teenager. One of the highlights of the trip will be five full days of an adventure like no other; a Young Life Camp where surprises are around every corner. Adventure is a part of every relationship.  Humor and fun are built in to every experience and each student’s English phonics skill and understanding of the language will be improved.  What sets the Young Life camp experience apart is that in the midst of all of this excitement and learning comes a greater understanding of life skills, spiritual values and character development. Throughout this trip new friendships will be forged with other teenagers, college students, university leaders and business professionals who have all learned about life and Spiritual principles for success.        

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